Ukrainian refugees can exchange their native driving license for an Irish one while living here


Transport Minister Eamon Ryan has announced that Ukrainian refugees can now benefit from an Irish driving licence.

Minister Ryan today signed an order which will allow Ukrainians, who are temporarily residing in Ireland due to the conflict, to exchange their native driving license for an Irish license so that they can drive their car while in the country.

Mr Ryan said it will make it easier for people to get around and access work, school or other vital public services.

The new decision follows an announcement earlier this week that public transport services will be increased and improved to support Ukrainians placed in more rural areas.

Minister Ryan said it was vital that Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war-torn country had transport while living in Ireland.

“After providing housing and shelter, one of the most important things we can do for our Ukrainian guests is to give them the ability to get around easily, first where they are and then around the country. , where they can have family and friends,” he said.

“This order allows Ukrainians to temporarily exchange their Ukrainian driver’s license against an Irish license. This works much like renting a car if we are in another country, for example, and comes with the same warnings that users must be fully aware of the Highway Code in the country.

“I strongly urge anyone applying for an Irish license to take the time to familiarize themselves with the Irish road system.”

The minister said he hopes the decision will give refugees “greater freedom” to access work and school.

“I hope that this order, together with the earlier decision to increase and improve public transport in certain rural areas, will give Ukrainians who have sought shelter in Ireland greater freedom to explore our country, but above all to be able to access work, school, college or to visit family and friends while they are here,” he said.

The new license will be valid for 12 months and will only apply to cars.

The RSA chief executive said he was pleased with the minister’s announcement to “provide a pathway” for Ukrainian refugees with Ukrainian licenses to drive here.

Sam Waide said: “The RSA provides information in Ukrainian on our website, and we will also notify other relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations of the details of license exchange agreements.”

“RSA will be present at ferry ports to provide information to Ukrainian refugees arriving by car and we are making arrangements to provide information to all refugees already in the country.”

“The National Driving License Service, which is run on behalf of the RSA, is also ready to accept license exchange applications from Ukrainian refugees.”

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