Truecaller launches new advertising tools allowing advertisers to engage with a user base of 320 million

  • Truecaller Ads helps instill a non-intrusive, walk-in-based, completely brand-safe advertising environment
  • It aims to enable advertisers to maximize their ROI with competitive engagement rates and eCPMs.

Truecaller Ads has launched its new product line that aims to enable marketers to meet their objective needs throughout the funnel. By extending its platform to mobile advertising and serving as a connection point between brands and potential customers, Truecaller Ads will provide marketers with a unique combination of expanded scale, engagement, exclusive environment, nuanced targeting capabilities and first-party data insights for specific audiences. segmentation.

Truecaller Ads has been a gateway to helping brands reach millions of users, launch their presence, and drive brand awareness, using a myriad of ad formats, innovative ad experiences, and metrics calculators. performance to track performance, among other things.

Marketers can access the following products to more effectively reach TC audiences:

  • The Truecaller audience extension product helps advertisers reach Truecaller audiences on over 1000 premium apps across all domains. A wide range of ad formats can be used, ranging from display banners, interstitials, videos, GIFs, and native ads. The product is integrated with all major MMPs like Appsflyer, Branch and Kochava which provides a transparent and trustworthy environment.
  • Truecaller Ad server, an Ad-tech stack that drives advertisers’ KPIs with features and functionality to optimize performance, providing advertisers with transparency, flexibility and optimization capabilities comparable to the best ad servers on the market and integrated with all major MMPs for transparent performance tracking
  • Innovative advertising experiences, such as Click to article which helps showcase instant snackable articles, “Click to call/SMS” and “Easy lead form” which help spread the demand funnel. These click experiences can be delivered even without an internet connection.

Speaking of the launch, Sagar Manikpure, Vice President – Global Ads Business at Truecaller, said, “We recognize that today’s marketing objectives require a well-orchestrated solution that combines first-party data accuracy with engaged audiences at scale. Truecaller’s huge global user base of 260 million DAUs each engaging with the app multiple times a day via call and text based interactions, gives us a rare combination of large-scale users, of frequent engagement and access to unique information in confidentiality. safe way. We then combine this with a carefully crafted ad stack and carefully crafted solutions to help marketers achieve a range of goals while extracting the greatest return on investment from their ad spend. »

A diverse range of well-known advertisers and brands, both B2C (Reliance, Dream11, Oneplus and Xiaomi) and B2B (Ultratech and Mahindra utility vehicles), regularly partner with Truecaller Ads to achieve their marketing goals. Many new advertisers find value in partnering with Truecaller Ads to meet different marketing objectives, whether it’s impact and scale, brand awareness, reaching custom personas or user acquisition.

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