Trucker Tools adds Simple Truck to its shipment tracking platform


Trucker Tools has announced an agreement with technology and service provider Simple Truck that will provide access to real-time truck location data from Simple Truck’s ELD units within the Capability Management Platform and Trucker Tools Smart Capacity transporters. Simple Truck has installed over 4,000 of its devices and works with independent owner-operators and small truck fleets.

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Simple Truck, based in Lathrop, Calif., provides an electronic logging device solution certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, fully meeting its technical specifications, the company said in a press release. Simple Truck also offers a comprehensive set of online products for all mandatory trucker tax and regulatory reporting needs, as well as insurance and other security features, allowing truckers to focus on driving.

Simple Truck joins more than 70 ELD and telematics technology vendors who have partnered with Trucker Tools to capture location information from truck-based ELDs, said Prasad Gollapalli, the company’s founder and chief executive. Enterprises have implemented a secure application programming interface (API) that supports integration.

Trucker Tools emphasized that providing ELD data is permission-based. The truck owner and/or driver controls access to his ELD. Once activated, data in transit from the ELD is seamlessly transferred to the Trucker Tools platform, accessible through the Trucker Tools Smart Capacity app on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Strict platform controls and permission-based access ensure that no other ELD data outside of location updates is shared.

In addition to predictive freight matching, automated booking, automated GPS tracking and digital document management, the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver mobile app has 17 of the features and resources most sought after by drivers to manage their business on the road. The Trucker Tools platform is also the digital freight management solution of choice for over 300 freight brokers and 3PLs.

The Trucker Tools mobile app is available for Android and Apple smartphones and is provided free to independent truckers and small fleets.

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