Specialized training programs for women to obtain a maritime driving license in Dubai


The Dubai Maritime City Authority of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation conducted its specialized training program in qualifying women to obtain a license to operate marine craft in Dubai waters.

Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, executive director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority, said that with the United Nations announcing International Women in Shipping Day for the first time last May, the Dubai Maritime City Authority decided to offer an exclusive opportunity to empower qualified women to obtain a license to operate a marine craft in Dubai by launching an integrated training program led by parties experienced within the authority.

Sheikh Said added: “To strengthen the UAE’s membership in the Association of Arab Women in the Sea (AWIMA), the Dubai Maritime City Authority seeks to continue providing the necessary support related to the education and training of qualified female managers with the aim of strengthening the maritime sector with future female capacities, and we are in the process of preparing other plans and initiatives within the scope of our skills and services which aim to promoting femininity in the maritime sector”.

The Executive Director of the Dubai Maritime City Authority pointed out that the authority places great importance on empowering women’s skills and

providing them with the skills and resources to enter the maritime sector, based on its leading role in society, and in appreciation of the vital role women play in the global maritime industry.

About 20 women graduated from the first batch of the training program organized by the Dubai Maritime City Authority’s Vessel Traffic Department last May, which lasted one week. The program included theoretical training programs on maritime leadership instructions and practical training on board the marine craft to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations enforced by the authority in Dubai waters.

The authority has decided to continue to organize these training programs, with a specialized training program reserved for women. Those wishing to apply for a Dubai Marine Driving License can submit an application via email to [email protected] or call 247 Call Center 800990.


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