Renew Saudi driver’s license online in ABSHER – simple method


Online Saudi Driver’s License Renewal in ABSHER:

Saudi Driver License Renewal online service is now available on ABSHER, but before proceeding with the application, it is mandatory to obtain a medical check certificate. It must be from a hospital designated and approved by ABSHER.

A person on twitter asked the traffic police if I paid the renewal fee and submitted the application for my driver’s license, what do I need to do next so that my application can move forward for the renewal order and that can the process be completed?

In response, the traffic police replied that the renewal of the driver’s license can be done on the Abshar account, but it is mandatory to obtain a medical check certificate from an authorized hospital.

There are a few steps to complete the online driver’s license renewal process. We will discuss it in depth.

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Steps for online Saudi driver’s license renewal:

You will need to complete the license renewal form which can be obtained from the Dalla Driving School. Take your form and go to the nearest Efada approved hospital. Every test result will be written on this form, including eye test and blood type.

Eye test for Saudi driving license renewal:

The eye test is an important part of the medical examination and blood group data is also recorded. The applicant must undergo a medical check-up in a hospital which sends all the information to the traffic police system. Once a doctor has verified your report, it will be forwarded to the traffic police and you will receive an SMS to make payment.

Saudi driver’s license renewal fee:

The reason why the check must be carried out in a hospital connected to the traffic police system is that the report will be sent automatically. After that, the applicant pays the fixed fee for five or 10 years of validity. Keep in mind that if you have an unpaid challan issued for violating traffic rules, the license cannot be renewed. The existing challan must be paid in order to continue the application.

  • You can pay the renewal payment via any Saudi bank quick payment app.

  • Click Sadad, then select Government Payment and Reimbursement.
  • Then select the driver’s license as the biller and renew the license option in the list of services.
  • Keep the registered option selected if you are paying for your license renewal request.

  • Fill in details such as Iqama number and license duration and select license type.

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  • Click Continue to make payment.

Renew Saudi driving license at ABSHER:

To renew the license of ABSHER, it is recommended to use the browser instead of the application and follow these steps:

  • Open the ABSHER website by visiting this link

  • Select the individual option and log in using your Iqama number and password.
  • Click on Services, then select the Traffic option.

  • Select renew your driver’s license.
  • You will now see all the mandatory requirements for Saudi Arabian driver’s license renewal online.

  • Carefully follow the on-screen instructions and complete your online application in a few simple steps.
  • As you can see, the license was successfully renewed.

License delivery or pick up in Dallah:

After finalizing the license renewal request, you will be asked to confirm the delivery request. You can either continue with the request for delivery method or use the nearest Dalla driving school pickup service to your address listed on the license request.


You cannot sell a car if the Annual Certificate of Fitness (Fishas) has expired. The vehicle cannot be transferred to the buyer’s name until a new certificate is obtained. We provide this information since you are submitting a license renewal request. Follow the steps mentioned above and we wish you luck in the process.

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