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The term Payday loan refers to a relatively new loan product that is short-term in nature. These loans are usually granted in smaller amounts with high interest rates. They are usually priced at a fixed dollar fee, representing the finance charge to the borrower. The interest rates are high because of the short-term to maturity.  These loans are generally meant for less-credit-worthy individuals. Payday loans are available in numerous U.S. states, with Kentucky payday loans being in great demand.

In spite of such awareness regarding payday loans, there still exist a substantial number of people who still do not know how to apply. This guide aims to address that, by presenting reviews of numerous payday providers as well as explaining how to sign up and apply for a loan.

#1 Kentucky Payday Loan in 2021 – Viva Payday Loans

Best Kentucky Payday Loans – Quick-Pick

With the advancement of internet connectivity, payday loans can be applied from a number of online lenders and brokers. We’ve decided to include 5 of the best online payday loan providers in Kentucky, with detailed reviews included in later sections.

  • Viva Payday Loans – Overall Best Loan Provider in Kentucky. Visit now.
  • Money Lender Squad – Best For No Guarantors. Visit now.
  • Credit Clock – Best for Fast Approvals. Visit now.
  • Very Merry Loans – Best for Same Day Payouts. Visit now.
  • Heart Paydays – Best for Low APR. Visit now.

What are Kentucky Payday Loans?

The southeastern state of Kentucky has always been a major hub for payday loan providers. As mentioned before, Payday loans are small-term loans with high interest, usually provided to individuals with low credit scores and bad credit history. These individuals normally do not qualify for traditional loans and thus have to seek alternative sources of credit and payday loans fit the bill. Payday loans can be known by many names, such as bad credit loans, no credit check loans, and installment loans for bad credit.

The laws regarding payday loans can vary from state to state, with some U.S. states making payday loans illegal. These states include the likes of Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Luckily, if you live in Kentucky, you can easily apply for a payday loan with several payday loan providers. According to state laws, Kentucky limits payday loan amounts to a maximum of $500 and a maximum loan term of 60 days. Many borrowers take out multiple payday loans if they want a larger amount, even though that is not preferred. State regulatory authorities keep track of payday lenders and their transactions via the Kentucky Deferred Presentment Transaction System.

Common uses of Kentucky Payday Loans

Payday loans should only be used in situations where you cannot delay the payment of bills for a particular product or service. According to numerous surveys around the world, some of the most common reasons for getting payday loans include expenses related to vehicles, family and children, travel, healthcare, entertainment, and repayment of other loans.

  • Expenses related to car repairs are the most common reasons given for taking out payday loans as a car is essential for going to work for most Americans.
  • You can take a payday loan if you intend to cover unexpected expenses like a vehicle or medical bill that can come up between your salary cycles.
  • Many consumers also use payday loans to take care of credit card payments, mortgage payments, gas and groceries, utilities, and other financial emergencies.
  • As healthcare costs are pretty high in the United States, consumers use payday loans to deal with unexpected medical bills.
  • Other uses include replacing broken appliances, buying groceries, paying for past due utility bills, family vacations, new furniture items, and vet bills.

How to Qualify For Kentucky Payday Loans (Eligibility criteria)

The very nature of payday loans is to allow as many low credit-worthy individuals to apply for loans. These individuals are normally disqualified from applying for loans from traditional lending institutions, leaving them scrambling for other options. Generally, payday lenders include very favorable eligibility requirements allowing the maximum number of applicants to apply. These include:

  • Being 18 years or older. (It is 19 years in case of Nebraska and Alabama).
  • Being a valid United States citizen.
  • Being a US bank account holder.
  • Being able to provide some sort of employment proof for at least 90 days, such as a pay check.
  • Possessing a valid social security number.

Top 5 Best Kentucky Payday Loans – Fully Reviewed

Let’s now dive into the above-mentioned payday loan lenders for Kentucky. Almost all of them guarantee fast approvals for low-credit-worthy individuals.

1. Viva Payday Loans – Overall Best Payday Loan Option in Kentucky

is a well-known name in the lending community, providing payday loans for bad credit across the country. Presented with a smooth and seamless portal, this payday loan provider works with a variety of lenders under its belt. You can apply for up to $5000 with loan tenures ranging from 2 to 24 months, depending on local laws. Once approved for a loan, the website will redirect you to a direct lender who will then be in charge of providing you with the loan.

Lender APR rate Loan amount range Loan term range Star rating
Rise Credit 50%-299% $500 to $5000 2 to 24 months 10/10
LendUp 30%-299% $100 to $500 2 to 24 months 10/10


  • Viva Payday Loans offers same-day pay-outs.
  • Loan amounts can range from $200 to $5000 depending on your state.
  • The application process is seamless and can be completed within mere minutes.


  • The service is not available in all US states.

2. Credit Clock – Best for Fast Approvals

You cannot miss with its bright green designs and seamless website. This payday loan provider offers short-term loans for bad credit, ranging from the low hundreds to $5000. The approval process for the broker is very easy as it takes only 2 minutes. You will be required to meet the $1000 monthly earnings requirements to be eligible. You can only apply with Creditclock if you’re a registered permanent resident of the United States.

Lender APR rate Loan amount range Loan term range Star rating
OppLoans Variable $500 to $4000 9 to 18 months 10/10
GreenDay 5.99% to 35.99% $100 to $5000 24 months 9/10


  • Creditclock welcomes bad credit borrowers without any problems.
  • Loans get approved within 2 minutes
  • You will get your loan amount within 24 hours of applying.


  • You will have to submit a proof of income of at least $1000 per month.

3. Money Lender Squad – Best For No Guarantors

provides some of the best APR rates in the market. It offers no guarantor loans for people with bad credit within 24 hours of applying. Depending on how the lenders get connected to your application, you can get a loan with APRs ranging from 36% to over 400%. Once the 2-minute registration form is filled up and submitted, the broker wastes no time to connect you directly to one of the lenders under its network.

Lender APR rate Loan amount range Loan term range Star rating
OppLoans 99% -160% $500 to $4000 2 to 48 months 10/10
Rise Credit 89% – 449% $300 to $3500 2 to 24 months 10/10


  • Money Lender Squad does not require a guarantor for loans.
  • Lending application is one of the fastest in the market.
  • Loan terms can be extended.


  • Interest rates can get a lot higher if you have a very low credit score.

4. Very Merry Loans – Best for Same Day Payouts

Very Merry Loans is an online bad credit loan provider which has some of the leading US-based lenders under its network. It presents a very easy-to-understand panel that contains some of the most reputable lenders in the United States which increases your chances of getting a loan.  You can get a loan that can either be extremely short (7 to 31 days) or longer (up to 24 months). It offers APRs ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. To apply, you have to be 18 years old, a permanent American citizen, and $1000 monthly income.

Lender APR rate Loan amount range Loan term range Star rating
CashNet USA Variable $500-$1000 8 to 31 days 9/10


  • Very Merry Loans welcomes both bad credit borrowers and unemployed individuals.
  • It allows extended repayment methods when requested.
  • You can apply for up to $5000 as the loan amount.


  • 30-day loans from Very Merry Loans carry very high interest.

5. Heart Paydays – Best for No Guarantors Required

Heart Paydays allows any individual to apply for a loan no matter what credit score the individual has. You can get a loan applied and receive it within 60 minutes from the application. You can choose loan amounts of up to $5000 with 24-month loan tenure. They are known for their APRs especially in the case of short-term loans. In some cases, it may go up to 35.99% APR.

Lender APR rate Loan amount range Loan term range Star rating
LendUp Variable $100-$500 30 days 10/10
ACE Cash Variable $200-$2000 7 to 30 days 9/10


  • You don’t require any paperwork or to call anyone when registering for a loan.
  • Disbursement is typically completed within 60 minutes.
  • 24/7 availability.


  • Certain loan offers carry very high fees.

Features of Kentucky Payday Loans

While the exact definition of payday loans can vary depending on definitions, they are generally regarded as any short-term, high-cost products that can range from $300 to $5000. While the state and federal restrictions on payday loans may vary, some of the features are common, no matter which state you reside in.

Principle amount

The principal amount of payday loans is typically smaller compared to traditional loans. This is due to the purpose of the loans as applicants use them to take care of sudden small expenses.


With a payday loan, you either get a single or multi-payment structure, depending on the lender chosen.  The lender has the obligation of providing detailed information regarding the terms and conditions of the loan in a transparent way. While some lenders do not let applicants deviate from the agreed repayment schedule, there are others that allow repayments before due dates, which can help applicants save on interest rates.

Credit requirements

These lenders and brokers deliberately lower their credit requirements to allow as many people as possible to apply. These loan products are specifically aimed at individuals with very low credit scores and credit histories. Lenders do not take into account the applicant’s repayment ability. This is why borrowers should always ascertain their own repayment capabilities before applying for a loan.

Higher interest rates

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of these loans is that they have higher interest rates. This is due to the nature of the loans and the borrowers in question, most of which are less credit-worthy individuals.

Types of Kentucky Payday Loans

Bad Credit Loans

Some lenders term their payday-like loans as bad credit loans which are specifically meant for people who have a less than spotless credit record or little to no credit history. They have higher interest rates and restrictions than normal loans and can be useful to people if used properly.

When applying for bad credit loans, some lenders perform hard search queries on your credit report while others do not. It is preferred that you approach bad credit loan lenders that perform security checks.

Get a bad credit payday loan here >

No Credit Check Loans

Many individuals prefer payday loan providers with no credit check. These loans are usually granted quickly and have the most approval success among all payday loan types.

However, bad credit loans or payday loans without any credit check usually have some of the highest interest rates in the market. This is to offset the risk of providing loan amounts to sometimes financially bankrupt individuals.

Get a no credit check credit payday loan here >

Direct Lenders Loans

Some borrowers prefer to apply for loans with direct lenders. This is either due to a past relationship with the lender or because they perceive that they are getting the best loan rates and terms possible.

Instead of applying with direct lenders, borrowers can get better terms and conditions if they apply with payday loan providers like those mentioned above. Payday loan providers work with numerous direct lenders under their network which also increases the chances of loan approval.

Get a direct lenders payday loan here >

Same Day Deposit Loans

The best payday loan providers always ensure that they try to provide same-day deposits and payments. As most of the applicants are usually in a hurry to pay outstanding bills, this feature is much sought after.

Payday loan providers like Viva Payday Loans and Heart Paydays can provide same-day approval and deposit of loans depending on the lender you’re paired up with.

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Unemployed Loans

People who are unemployed often find themselves in financial turmoil with no credible sources for accessing credit. They do not qualify under the tough criteria put in place by normal financial institutions and banks.

Bad credit loan providers for unemployed people can be the only solution for them. These payday loan providers have low credit requirements with some of them not requiring a paycheck from a conventional job.

Get a unemployed payday loan here >

SSI Benefits Loans

Individuals that receive SSI benefits are usually disabled, visually impaired, or aged over 65. They are usually characterized by having limited income and resources. They usually cannot apply for loans from banks and other financial institutions because of their status.

Payday loan providers allow low credit-rated individuals to apply for loans, which include those living with SSI benefits.

Get a SSI benefits payday loan here >

Title Loans vs. Kentucky Payday Loans

While we’ve discussed in detail what a payday loan is, title loans are a bit different. They are a type of secured loan that requires your vehicle as collateral, with the amount of money depending on the valuation of your vehicle. They are short-term loans where the lender holds the borrower’s car title during the duration of the loans. The borrower will still be able to drive their vehicle when in collateral.

  • The main point of difference between title loans and payday loans lie in their characteristics. While a title loan is secured, a payday loan is unsecured which means they do not require any collateral such as a vehicle.
  • The amount of money that you will be able to get as a title loan depends directly on the value of the vehicle you put up. This is not the case for payday loans, which usually range between $500 to $5000
  • Title loans pose a greater risk of asset repossession if you do not pay back according to the repayment schedule. Because of this, they have lower interest rates, compared to payday loans which are unsecured. Payday loans on the other hand do not pose a risk to your assets but are often with higher APRs than usual.

Advantages of Kentucky Payday Loans

Like most forms of loans, payday loans in Kentucky also have their fair share of attractive features as well as less desirable ones.


The biggest advantage of payday loans is the convenience. Because the borrowers do not have the required time to make other arrangements, they need the funds at the quickest. Payday loan providers with their same-day approvals and deposits can ensure that the borrowers receive the funds at the soonest possible moment.


The unsecured nature of these loans is an advantage for many borrowers. This means that the lenders do not have the privilege of repossessing your assets if you fail to pay back the loans on time. Some payday loan lenders allow borrowers to request an extension for their repayment.

Bad credit approval

The chances of getting approved with a low credit score are high compared to traditional lenders. Payday lenders are not interested in knowing whether the borrower has a questionable financial past. They’re more concerned about whether the loan is affordable to the borrower or not.

Disadvantages of Kentucky Payday Loans

Very expensive

Payday loans are considered a very costly alternative to a traditional loan. It is not uncommon to find some lenders charging upwards of % APR for some loans, which increases the total cost of borrowing. This is also one of the main reasons why many borrowers struggle to pay back their payday loans on time.

How to Get Kentucky Payday Loans

Applying for a payday loan is as simple as it gets. While the exact details of the loan application process may differ slightly from provider to provider, some of the common steps are given below. We are taking the example of Viva Payday Loans.

Step 1: Visiting the Viva Payday Loan Official Website

You can visit the official Viva Payday Loan official site here. Navigate to the right corner of the screen and click on “Apply Now”.

Step 2: Completing the application form

Viva Payday Loans will require your name, personal information, income details, employment and baking information. The form will also require a summary of your monthly expenses.

Step 3: Getting your decision

Viva Payday Loans takes two minutes to authorize your loan. You will have to stay on the screen before you get your response. You will be notified in case your loan does not get approved.

Step 4: Receiving the loan

After approval, the payday loan provider will send you the loan agreement that you have to read and accept. After signing, submit the loan agreement after which you will receive the amount immediately to your bank account.


Request Your Payday Loan at our Top Rated Provider – Viva Payday Loans






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