Nvidia unveils new tools to push the metaverse


Software and hardware maker Nvidia has continued to enter the metaverse tech space. The US-based multinational has unveiled updates to Omniverse, its real-time graphical collaboration platform, which will make it easier to create more realistic metaverse platforms and avatars.

According to a blog post, the new tools were announced during SIGGRAPH, a gathering of the world’s leading computer graphics experts held this week. The tools unveiled include new AI capabilities, simulations and other creative assets.

Users of Nvidia’s Omniverse Kit and apps such as Nucleus, Audio2Face and Machinima will have access to all groundbreaking updates.

“The next wave of Omniverse worlds are moving to the cloud – and new features for the Omniverse Kit, Nucleus, PhysX, Audio2Face and Machinima apps allow users to better create physically accurate digital twins and realistic avatars, and redefine the how virtual worlds are created and experienced,” the post said.

Specific updates to these highlighted apps include full facial animation and avatar emotion control in Audio2Face and advanced physics solvers that allow 3D virtual worlds to obey the laws of physics in PhysX, among others. .

Additionally, Nvidia Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) was also launched during the unveiling. The platform offers a suite of cloud-native AI models for developers of games, chatbots, digital twins, and virtual worlds to create and deploy interactive avatars.

The platform also allows developers using non-Nvidia-powered computers to access Omniverse.

“With Omniverse ACE, developers can build, configure, and deploy their avatar apps to nearly any engine, in any public or private cloud,” Nvidia added.

Metaverse Adoption Reaches New Heights

Nvidia’s move is just the latest in the growing level of adoption of metaverse technology. More and more key players are focusing on virtual worlds and digital identity. According to a panel at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention last May, many forward-thinking retail and multinational brands in various industries, as well as government agencies, are beginning to adopt a metaverse and Web 3.0 strategy.

This has resulted in the accelerated development of metaverse-related technologies such as NFTs, AR/VR, and digital currencies. Policies to guide the safe adoption of Web 3.0 are also increasingly targeted, a case study being Dubai.

Meanwhile, Nvidia is not new to blockchain-related technology. Nvidia’s line of block reward mining chips contribute a significant portion of its revenue.

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