Northwest Calgarians put away gardening tools and get out snowblowers after epic mid-April dump


Spring in Calgary: The plant life outside the city was beginning to come alive as temperatures rose and the days lengthened. Few people were ready for another breath of winter, and then April 19 came.

Snow fell across the city, but the northwest was hardest hit. On Wednesday, the owners started digging. At Panorama Hills, Nony Aristore was using a snow blower to clear her driveway and sidewalk. It’s deep, heavy snow he’s never seen like this in 25 years in the community.

“Really hard without my, I call it my four-by-four or my snow blower oh I can do it, whereas a snow shovel can’t,” he said.

Nargis Somani and Christine Redekopp are neighbors and did their daily work together shoveling first Somani’s driveway and then Redekopp’s. The two can’t believe the change in weather.

“We got a little tan last week, it was 22 degrees,” Redekopp said. “Now this is mind-boggling, how is this global warming?”


Phil MacDonald works for AAA Towing and is working overtime to save any vehicles that went off the road during the storm. Even as the sun rose, some roads in the city were still covered in ice. And MacDonald answered at least 15 calls Wednesday.

“Every type of car, there was this semi on McKnight Drive last night, every exit is a mess, every road is horrible,” he said. “So anyone who drives too fast for the current conditions will end up in the ditch.”

Greg Griffiths, head professional at Fox Hollow Golf Course, said the season started early but has now come to a halt. Griffiths took his dog for a walk on the course to inspect it and said that in some places the snow was up to his knees.

“Everyone is canceled for the next two days,” he said. “There are a lot of people crossing their fingers for Friday, although the temperatures are still (seeming to be) quite cold on Friday, it looks like it will improve on Saturday, Sunday and the phones are ringing pretty good to book people in .”


The city’s highways department was ready to sweep gravel from Calgary streets, but workers had to pivot to clear now on Tuesday.

“This snow flurry was pretty remarkable in the sense that it happened overnight,” city spokesman Chris McGeachy said. “The warning didn’t come until very late in the day so we had crews working on the snow overnight and (we’re monitoring) the situation.”

McGeachy says the city assesses the roads day by day to know when to start sweeping the streets again.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the city sent out an update on street cleaning.

“On Thursday, April 21, 2022, the City will postpone certain previously scheduled residential street sweeping operations due to the recent snowfall. Sweeping planned for the communities of Altadore, The Hamptons (north part), Skyview Ranch (east part) , Bowness (west portion), Scenic Bow, Thorncliffe (south of 56th Avenue), Greenview North and Fonda will be rescheduled to June 2022.

“Sweeping in most communities south of Calgary will resume. Sweeping in Kingsland, Fairview, Aspen Woods (eastern part) and Bridlewood (northern part) will continue as scheduled on Thursday, April 21, 2022.

“Community parking bans will be in place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Citizens can find out when their street is due for sweeping by visiting and using our address search or signing up for notifications. The sweep which is postponed due to the weather will be scheduled for a later date in June 2022. We encourage citizens to sign up to receive street sweep notices at

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