No driving test necessary to obtain a driver’s license: Ministry of Transport


The Union Department of Transport has introduced new, easier rules for getting a driver’s license without going through the tedious driving test process.

A rule amended by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) came into force on Thursday allowing applicants to obtain a driver’s license without taking driving tests.

The Ministry of Transport has notified the new rules for the accreditation of driver training centers where candidates will receive high quality driving lessons

If candidates pass the test at these centres, they will be exempted from presenting for driving tests at the ARTO offices at the time of obtaining the licence.

According to the Department of Transport, licensed driver training centers are equipped with simulators and a dedicated driving test track to provide high-quality training to license applicants.

The notification further states that applicants will be trained in Light Motor Vehicles (LMV), Medium and Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMV).

The duration of the LMV training is 29 hours, which will be completed within a maximum period of four weeks from the start date of the training. Candidates will receive theoretical and practical knowledge.

The duration of the training in LMV is 36 hours, which will be completed in a time frame of six weeks. The training here will also be theoretical and practical, the ministry said.

Not only LMVs and HMVs, the centers will also offer specialized industry-specific training. (CNS)

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