Kruzee, a company that is revolutionizing driving school in Canada, launches a platform to improve the online driving experience


TORONTO, June 7, 2022 /CNW/ – from Canada first online driving education platform, Kruzeeofficially launched in Ontario this week with a mission to make licensing, insurance and driving easier for new drivers.

With Kruzee, students can find and book the best driving instructors in their area and take theory lessons at their own pace online. Kruzee also offers ministry-approved beginner driver education courses that may qualify some learners for accelerated G2 license timelines and car insurance discounts. The platform puts students “in the driver’s seat” by allowing them to choose when, where and with whom they learn to drive, providing complete flexibility.

Mikael Castaldo and Osama Siddique co-founded the platform after noticing a big gap in the North American driver education experience, which serves millions of new drivers getting their license each year.

“We realized there had to be a better way to do this,” Siddique said.

The co-founders wanted to see a change from the way traditional driving schools ran their operations.

“Most driving schools in Canada have outdated systems, manual, error-prone booking processes, and months-long wait times,” Castaldo explained.

In Ontario alone, more than 4,000 pages of complaints have been filed with the Department of Transportation regarding issues with driving instructors.

“The students had virtually no control over who they got in the car with, they knew nothing about the instructor beyond maybe their name,” Castaldo said.

Kruzee, on the other hand, prides itself on its student-centered approach. The platform is designed to create a streamlined experience for its users, allowing new drivers to book lessons with qualified and highly trained instructors online in seconds.

“Students today expect digital-first and on-demand services,” said Siddique. “They shouldn’t have to make multiple phone calls to book a driving lesson.”

Kruzee has received positive feedback from students so far. “At my last driving school, it was a challenge for me to even book a lesson with an instructor,” says Kruzee student Alec. B. “I really hated driving lessons at my last school, but now I’m looking forward to my lessons with Cory.”

“We have a much more rigorous vetting process than any other driving school,” Siddique said. “This way we can ensure that students have a great experience in the car and learn to be safer drivers”

High Kruzee $500,000 in pre-seed fundraising for its launch. Investors include Canadian venture capital fund N49P, founder of Wattpad Ivan YuenFounder of Juno Heather Payne, and other automotive and insurance industry executives. This model has proven successful in similar jurisdictions around the world and Kruzee is spearheading this innovation in North America.

“We use this investment to recruit the best instructors, develop programs and grow our platform before expanding the model across North America“said Siddique.


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