Kim Sae-ron’s driver’s license suspended after blood test results


Actor Kim Sae-ron, left, and CCTV footage of his SUV crashing into an electrical transformer in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, on May 18. [YTN]

Blood test results for actor Kim Sae-ron, who was caught driving under the influence on May 18, were released on Wednesday, leading to the suspension of his license.

After failing the breathalyzer test when she was arrested, Kim asked for a blood alcohol test. Police had said it could take a few weeks to get the test results back.

Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed results on Wednesday which showed Kim’s blood alcohol level on the day she was caught driving under the influence exceeded 0.08%, making her liable to a permanent suspension of his driver’s license. Police added that the case will now be taken to the prosecutor’s office to investigate Kim and the passenger she was with.

Kim’s agency, Gold Metalist, told JTBC on Wednesday that Kim is currently working on how to compensate the damages she has caused, such as those to KEPCO for damaging the electrical transformer, to business owners who do not could not operate their business in the morning due to no electricity and at the district office for damaged lampposts and railings.

On the morning of May 18, Kim allegedly damaged more than three streetlights and several guardrails while driving under the influence in Cheongdam-dong of Gangnam District, south of Seoul. The car also slammed into an electrical transformer, knocking out power to nearby cafes. Police nabbed Kim after receiving multiple reports of a vehicle “swaying precariously”. Days after the incident, Kim posted a handwritten apology on her Instagram account, admitting to driving while intoxicated.

The 22-year-old actor has dropped out of SBS’ upcoming drama series “Trolley,” while Netflix Korea announced that Kim will be dropped from the upcoming series, “Hunting Dogs.”

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