Instagram adds security tools to try to protect creators from abuse and harassment – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)


Meta Platforms is META instagram rolled out new features, dealing with cases of cyber abuse, harassment and the growing number of court cases.

What happened: On Thursday, Instagram introduced new security tools like advanced user blocking and more. “Now when you block someone, you will have the option to block other accounts they may already have, making it harder for them to interact with you on Instagram again,” the platform noted.

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The feature follows last year’s update, which allowed users to block not just a single account, but all new accounts the person might create.

To protect users of the “Creator” account from harmful message requests and comments, Instagram is testing the automatic activation of hidden words. This feature will also prevent users from seeing fraudulent message requests, offensive story replies, etc.

Additionally, the platform is expanding the use of nudges to encourage people to pause before sending a hurtful comment or message request.

Why it matters: Social media platforms such as Twitter is TWTR homonymous app, Snap is INSTANTANEOUS SnapchatMeta Facebook and others have in the past faced regulatory issues around the world.

Earlier, a report revealed that Facebook’s algorithms were inciting hatred against Rohingyas in Myanmar. In the same way, Alphabet Inc.(NASDAQ GOOG) GOOGL Google was also fined $500,000 in a defamation case over two videos posted on Youtube.

Last year a harvard business review post pointed out that social media companies are self-regulating, saying the 2021 US Capitol riots incident was largely fomented on social media.

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