Indian tells how to get a driver’s license in the first attempt in the United States


Thousands of Indians migrate to the United States every year and getting a driver’s license there is a real challenge due to the many rules and regulations.

In this video, an Indian vlogger discusses all these important tips that could ensure you get your US driver’s license the first time around. This article is relevant for anyone who is planning to travel to the United States in the near future or who is already residing there and planning to take a driving test soon. The vlogger mentions that these rules are applicable to the state of Missouri. Let us dive into the whole process here.

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Indian Vlogger shares tips for getting a driver’s license in the United States

Before appearing for the actual test, candidates must take an online written test and a vision test. For the written test, the candidate must answer 25 objective-type questions and must obtain at least 20 points (or 80%). This is the theoretical aspect of the test and can be taken twice in the same day if necessary. After passing the written test, you will be asked to take the vision test where you will be asked about various traffic signs. After passing this test, if one feels confident, one can take the actual driving test on the same day.

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  • For the actual test, the first thing you need to explain to the instructor is the car’s internal functions. This includes items such as power window switches and other controls on the door panel, bonnet switch, components such as brake, throttle, clutch, wiper switches headlight control glass, AC control, demisting settings, turn signals, horn button, mirror settings, parking lights, etc. .
  • Thereafter, it is necessary to know how to maintain the speed limit on the road.
  • The lane change gesture is the next step which could also be a bit tricky. First you have to give the turn signal, then check the mirrors, and finally, turn around to look through the rear window for the blind spot. Once everything is clear, you can change lanes.
  • The stop sign should be taken into consideration before merging into traffic.

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Watch Indian Vlogger Say How To Get Driver’s License On First Attempt In USA
  • When reversing, you must first put the car in reverse, hold the steering steady and turn around to check for possible obstacles behind the car.
  • Finally, you need to be able to parallel park near the side curb in a specific way. When parking uphill with a curb, you must keep the steering wheel on the left after parking. Likewise, when parking downhill with a curb, your steering should lean to the right. However, when there is no sidewalk, you must direct your direction to the right, whether you are parking uphill or downhill.

Here are some of the key tips you should keep in mind as you prepare to get your US driver’s license for the first time.

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