IEA calls for driving restrictions to curb oil demand


“Due to Russia’s appalling aggression against Ukraine, the world may well be facing its biggest oil supply shock in decades, with huge implications for our economies and societies,” he said. declared Mr. Birol.

“These efforts would reduce the price pain felt by consumers around the world, mitigate economic damage, reduce Russia’s hydrocarbon revenues and help shift oil demand to a more sustainable path,” the IEA based said. in Paris in his report.

President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has upended global commodity markets, sending prices soaring and prompting an urgent search for alternative energy sources. Although most countries – with the exception of the United States and the United Kingdom – have not banned imports of Russian oil and none of its main customers are sanctioning the supply of natural gas, it could there will still be disruptions as buyers voluntarily avoid trade with Moscow.

The IEA’s plan to reduce oil demand includes lower speed limits for cars, urging people to work from home, imposing occasional limits on car access to city centers, making public transport less ladies, encouraging carpooling and greater use of high-speed rail and virtual meetings instead of air travel.

Earlier this month, the agency said the European Union could cut Russian gas imports by a third within a year by increasing purchases elsewhere, increasing renewables and improving efficiency energy.

Bloomberg and AP

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