IAEA Collaborates with Asian Development Bank to Introduce Energy Modeling Tools


Expand cooperation with the Asian Development Bank

The July ADB-IAEA workshop builds on previous events co-hosted by the two organizations, which were designed to highlight the economic and development challenges that can act as barriers to a smooth transition to higher energy. own.

An IAEA side event on the sidelines of the Asian Development Bank’s Clean Energy Forum 2022 on June 15, 2022 highlighted the value of integrated energy system planning and introduced several modeling tools to attendees. These modeling tools can support an approach to long-term energy planning consistent with national social development goals and global climate targets.

“Training in the IAEA’s MESSAGE tool is central to our efforts. This software is designed to set up energy supply system optimization models to assess capacity expansion, related investments, environmental impacts and applicable policies at national, sub-regional or regional levels” , explained Andrii Gritsevskyi, head of the planning and capacity building unit. at the IAEA.

The June 15 event was also an opportunity for Henri Paillere, Chief of the Planning and Economic Studies Section of the IAEA, to present the links between energy planning and the critical topics of climate change and sustainability. “We can further reduce global emissions and ensure a livable future with the tools and know-how we already possess within the international community,” Paillere said, drawing attention to the report’s findings on mitigation. published by working group 3 of the intergovernmental group of experts. on climate change (IPCC).

This coordination under the RTA has served as a pathway to enhance the cooperation outlined in the current Framework Cooperation Agreement between the IAEA and the AfDB in several other areas besides energy planning, including cooperation in human health, animal health, environment and plastics.

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