How to find the driver’s license with name or address?


Like any other important document such as the UP Online Income Certificate, a driver’s license is an absolute necessity if you want to operate a motor vehicle in public. In accordance with Indian government regulations, a driver’s license must be issued by a local transport agency authorized to do so. To be designated as an authorized driver, the driver must hold a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle he drives under his own name.

If you have misplaced your Indian Driver’s License (DL) number and are trying to locate it using your name, address or phone number, you have come to the right place. eDistrict is a simple approach to verifying a driver’s license number online, if you’re wondering how to find your driver’s license number. If you know your license number, you can search by name and address for a driver’s license.

In case of loss of driver’s license, what to do?

  • If you have lost your driver’s license, go to the police station.
  • Feel free to file a complaint and get a copy of the Initial Information Report (FIR).
  • To obtain a notarized affidavit, go to the notary’s office. As proof that you told the police that you misplaced your licence, an affidavit is required.

The services of the notary and the stamp paper have a minimal cost

Using the information provided in this article, you will be able to find out your driver’s license number by name and address. At the end of this trial, you will learn how to search for a driver’s license by name and address. First, let’s talk about how to check driver’s license number on the Internet. For more information on different documents like UP residence certificate in linevisit eDistrict dot com.

Find the license plate number on your driver’s license

There is no way to get your driver’s license back if you choose to read a book. A two-step procedure, on the other hand, can be used to quickly regain a driver’s license. Use your name and address to get your driver’s license number. Driver’s license numbers can be checked online using this guide.

Search for a driver’s license using your name and address

Visit the official Parivahan website to check your driver’s license number. Finding your driver’s license by name and address is as easy as entering your license number in the search bar on the right side of this page! Choose [find the application number] from the main menu. Select the main menu. Enter your name, date of birth, and capture code after selecting your state and RTO. Then click the Submit button. A list of all transactions affecting your driver’s license can be viewed on the same website. The Get Details option is available. Your registered mobile number will receive an OTP. Please enter the One Time Password (OTP). You can search for a driver’s license search by name and address with the help of an OTP.

That’s all you need to know about finding a driver’s license by name and location. Let’s see how to search for a driver’s license number by name and address and how to search for a driver’s license by name.

Even though the DL number can be checked by entering the name, there is no method to do so. You can acquire your driver’s license number in minutes if you follow the steps outlined above.

Having a valid driver’s license is essential. If you misplace it, you will not be able to apply for a second license. Following a simple procedure. A person’s driver’s license information is readily available and searching by name is a simple process.

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