Fleetforce Truck Driving School expands to SCF’s Venice campus


BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) — The State College of Florida has received $1.2 million from Governor Ron Desantis for a major expansion of commercial driver license education and training programs in the state. SCF has partnered with Fleetforce since October 2021 allowing School Drive to use the Bradenton location. The $1.2 million is aimed at expanding the program’s capacity to 300 students and adding an additional location at SCF’s Venice campus.

“The funding came in just in time so we didn’t fall off a proverbial cliff in driver need and demand,” said Tra Williams, President and CEO of Fleetforce Truck Driving School. “Training in general for CDL is vital for every community and 80% of the goods we consume, eat, wear, use in our homes are transported by truck.”

According to Williams, there are 5,000 fewer truckers on the roads in 2022 than two years ago. At the same time, it’s an industry that offers economic stability and mobility, and all one has to do is train for five weeks before they can move anywhere in the country and find a job. within 24 hours, Williams said.

“The average CDL holder in the state of Florida makes $78,000 a year, and entry-level compensation is now $65,000 to $75,000 for Class A drivers,” Williams said.

Drivers participating in the program play a vital role in the logistics and transportation industry for the state of Florida, Williams said.

“The people who train on this ground will deliver your goods, deliver your gas, make sure your kids get to school on time if they become bus drivers,” Williams said. “There is simply no aspect of our lives that is not touched by this industry and I think it is often underestimated and overlooked.”

SCF was one of five public schools funded. Governor Desantis has granted $8.2 million to be used to expand current CDL training and learning opportunities. Fleetforce offers weekday and weekend classes to earn a CDL. The Monday to Friday session lasts four weeks and the weekend sessions last eight weeks on Saturdays and Sundays. From summer 2023, Fleetforce will offer evening classes.

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