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Faizan Defensive Driving School – Top Rated SGI Approved Driving School in Regina

With a great driver’s license comes great responsibility.”

— Faizan Defensive Driving School

REGINA, SK, CANADA, April 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The best in town with the Premier Driving Institute, an updated and personalized curriculum and over 3,000 courses

Learning to drive shouldn’t just be about following strict rules and practicing, but getting familiar with what driving a vehicle requires of you in a healthy environment with experienced trainers. Faizan Defensive Driving School ticks all of these checks. A school with SGI class 5 driving certification and the best customer reviews in Regina makes it the best driving school in Regina for secondary and commercial driving training.

“I highly recommend this driving school. Mr. Faizan – The owner/instructor is very professional and hands on in dealing with trainees. He is a good motivator with a positive attitude and above all techniques to pass the road test,” says Fe Asilo in his 5-star review.

The trainers and staff at Faizan Defensive Driving School are dedicated to educating their students and believe that driving is an essential skill, and every adult should be aware and prepared for it. This dedication is significantly manifested in the organized training courses designed by their experienced professionals and is greatly appreciated by customers.

The best thing about Regina’s Best Driving School is that the customer has always mentioned how relaxed he felt during his training and how the instructors encouraged him to learn and improve. These essentials make Faizan Defensive Driving School a trusted brand that people come to first to learn how to drive.

Classes aren’t just designed for vehicle type or driving skills; it is also organized according to the age of the student. Regardless of age, you’ll always feel welcome here, even if you want a bit of practice before you start learning to drive full time.

“Faizan is an excellent professional driving instructor with amazing communication skills. It provides excellent service and equips students to succeed. He is very knowledgeable, patient and punctual. If you need preparation lessons for your road test or want to take SGI 6 by 6 lessons, this is the right place. Incredibly easy is how Faizan and his driving school team teaches how to parallel park in just 3 easy steps. It will definitely give you great value for money, as it did for me. Says another satisfied customer, Peter Tah.

Apart from the various courses mentioned above, they also have a pre-license course to help students who have never driven before, and this is their first experience. With a test pass score of 98%, it’s no wonder more and more customers are excited to learn from Regina’s best driving school.

About Faizan Defensive Driving School

Faizan Defensive Driving School is the best in Regina, providing its customers with professional driving education and training. With a team of trained, professional and friendly drivers, they are a trusted name as the best driving school in Regina.

If you are a learner driver or have never had a license in your life, or if you are looking for the best driver training in Regina, do not hesitate to book your SGI 6 and 6 training, refresher driver lessons level, a car rental for a road test or a test drive package with the Faizan defensive driving school.

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