Factana breaks the news of the launch of a digital solution for managing factory tools under the name “Fogwing Tools”.


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Factana is an Industry 4.0 solutions provider whose mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses rapidly adopt digital transformation.

BANGALORE, INDIA, Sept. 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Factana announces the launch of its new SaaS product offering to solve another puzzle of Industry 4.0 transformation under the name “Fogwing Tools”. Factory tool management software is the cloud software, which helps industrial users to digitally manage and track thousands of tools or equipment in the tool store. The ‘Fogwing Tools’ are perfectly integrated with the SFactrix MES and Fogwing Asset+ APM solution offered by Factana. It is therefore accessible to both users of the solution.

Managing thousands of tools for the production floor is now hassle-free with the help of Fogwing Tools. Fogwing Tools allows the factory tool department to track inventory, rental, usage and refurbishment of tools or equipment online. It helps eliminate manual paper-based tracking and digitally track tool lifecycle management, tool room availability, functional status, cost of use, rental, shipping /return, maintenance status, etc.

The release of Fogwing Tools will abundantly benefit small, medium and large manufacturing industries in their production efficiency. It is said that “When the right tool is on the right machine at the right time, you increase productive working time by up to 30%”.

In the words of Mr. Hariharan, Founder and CEO of Factana, “We are on a mission to drive digital transformation for manufacturing customers. By adding Fogwing Tools to our platform portfolio, we could solve another functional challenge in the production operation through digital technologies.

About Factana, is the Industry 4.0 solution provider specializing in IoT and AI-based industrial automation solutions. Factana’s Fogwing Industrial Cloud offers a smart factory MES/MOM solution by the name of SFactrix.ai that helps digitize production and factory execution. Factana offers a suite of Industry 4.0 products such as Fogwing IIoT Platform, Fogwing Analytics Studio, Fogwing Asset+, and more.

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