Driving school owes students thousands in refunds after leaving them stranded


BATON ROUGE — A local driving school owes refunds to at least 40 people who paid for a service they didn’t receive.

Many people contacted the WBRZ investigative unit to complain about the same thing: they paid $500 to Metro City Driving Academy, but didn’t earn the required credits before they could get a license.

“I called her and she’s not answering,” Joy Hale said.

Hale paid Rodeshia Truitt $500 and still doesn’t have her license. He lacks the necessary paperwork from the Metro City Driving Academy and other essential driving credits needed to get his DMV license.

“It’s definitely a scam,” Hale said. “I’ve been calling him almost every day for two weeks now and still no answer. I’ve left voicemails. I’ve texted him. I even asked my friend to call him and still no answer.”

Hale’s story is similar to that of other students and parents the WBRZ Investigation Unit has spoken to.

When WBRZ reached out to Truitt by phone, she promised to conduct an on-camera interview Friday afternoon. Before the interview time, Truitt canceled.

“It’s not a scam,” Truitt said over the phone. “I did the job.”

Truitt admitted that at least 18 people owed refunds.

“I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be able to pay them back at closing,” Truitt said.

The Office of Motor Vehicles regulates driving schools throughout the state of Louisiana. Executives said once misbehavior is discovered, it suspends the owner’s ability to operate.

“It’s closed,” said Kelly Sittig, customer service administrator at OMV. “She is no longer an approved supplier.”

Sittig oversees 200 driving schools across Louisiana. She described what happened in this case as very rare.

Last fall, OMV suspended Truitt’s ability to do business. The investigation unit learned that it had been closed because Truitt had dropped his insurance.

The investigation unit learned that some of the driving tests were carried out in four cars without insurance. It was then that the OMV raided his trade.

“We went in and took some files, because we thought we were going to deal with them,” Sittig said.

Sittig said their records show Truitt owes thousands of dollars to at least 40 people for tuition they paid for but did not receive.

Sittig said now that the OMV has stepped in, they need to hear from anyone who used Truitt’s business and didn’t earn their driving credits.

You can contact the OMV at 225-925-1795 or by emailing them at [email protected]

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