Driving School Officially Opens at Arrowhead Ranch | Today’s youth


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DrivingMBA host an open house that begins with a 1p.m. starting at 4p.m. during the afternoon of the 23rd of October at their new headquarters within Glendale.

It is located at the Address for IlPalazzo in ArrowheadRanch situated at the 5940 West. UnionHillsDrive, SuiteD210, Glendale, the formal ceremony to commemorate the ground breaking will feature participation from Glendale Mayor, Glendale Mayor and also officials from Glendale’s Board together with members of GlendaleChamber of Commerce and the other local businesses that are committed to driver and vehicle security.

The event outside in open space will include a dedication ceremony for Jennifer Hinds.Jennifer is the daughter of FrankHinds the co-founder of RedMeansStop, Jennifer was been killed by a redlight runner in 1997 during her final year at highschool.Frank has been working hard to pass “Jennifer’s legislation”,” raising the fine for runners running at intersections with red lights that can result in injuries, as well as death to others.

“The connection between DrivingMBA and Red Means Stop is crucial.In addition in the past, RedMeans Stop has given scholarships to the students suffering from economic hardship to pay for the best driver’s education “said MariaWojtczak, CEO at DrivingMBA.

“We’re decided to the office of our WestValley office to Jennifer who was one of the students in the school of high-school IronwoodHighSchool in Glendale,” Wojtczak said.

“This declaration is a very important reminder that we’re more than Jennifer’s death , which was a waste of time.We must have to continue to make people aware of what can happen when speeding at a stop light.

“Unfortunately, the Arizona remains the no.1 in the United States in terms of red lights.We’re not making any progress on this front currently.We will, however, continue in our efforts to inform people of this critical issue. “

To raise awareness of the community DrivingMBA hosts an evening event that will increase awareness within communities.West Valley will begin with a safety-driving demo.

DrivingMBA is an application for users on mobile devices that allows users to go on an excursion using the simulator that simulates the defensivedriving mode of drivers.The afternoon will be a chance to educate the public about the different elements of driving safely.Greulich’sAutomotive will be available to help you examine tire treads, pump air into the tires, test oil, and provide additional ways to maintain your tires.

RedMeansStop, State Farm Insurance and AAArepresentatives from the State Farm Insurance, AAA, Glendale Fire and PoliceGreulichs Automotive will b, as well as other businesses that deal with vehicles will be there.Get your meals from local food stalls like Rita’s, Ginger China Bistro, Heroes Pub & Grub and Cafe Rumba.

since its creation at the end of 2000 DrivingMBA is an institution that has taught more than 15,000 students and developed into one of the biggest driving schools for teenagers throughout the Valley.Research has shown that motor vehicle accidents are the primary reason for death among teenagers throughout the US and most of fatal accidents happen within the first 6 months following getting their driver’slicense.

“For those who’s considering taking their child’s driver education, now is the perfect time to decide to go for it.We have discovered from the beginning that the typical driver’s education does not suffice to ensure that Valleyteens safe on the roads “Wojtczak declared.

“Our goal is saving lives.Education is our conviction that is the most effective way for helping save lives of other people. We aim to provide students the opportunity to have the highest quality equipment and instruction which is based upon research and findings to assist them in becoming safe and competent drivers around the world.They’ll be driving for the rest of their years for the rest in their life. “

DrivingMBA It is located at Scottsdale as well as Glendale.It provides training for driver for all ages and levels, with adult driver programs that are excellent fleet driver, learner and senior assessments.

If you’d like to know more about the program, go to Drivingmba.com or contact at 480-948-1648.


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