Driving restrictions for the elderly: the new rules of the road should “not be based on the age of 70”


He warned that the restrictions shouldn’t just be based on reaching 70, warning some older drivers are still “safe” on the road. IInstead, any driver, regardless of age, should be tested regularly if diagnosed with a serious illness.

Talk to Express.co.uk, he said young drivers are “plagued with inexperience” and can pose so many risks.

He said: “Anyone with a health condition that negatively impacts their ability to drive safely should undergo regular regulatory testing to renew their license.

“It shouldn’t be based on reaching 70.

“We all know young drivers are plagued by inexperience, machismo and distraction.

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This would include curfews preventing elderly road users from traveling at night and distance limits restricting travel between 20 and 30 miles.

Other activists have also called on older drivers to demand annual health checks or see a general practitioner before renewing their license to make sure they can still drive safely on the road.

Police figures revealed that up to 30% of elderly drivers with health problems do not notify the DVLA.

It is a legal obligation to inform the DVLA of medical problems with fined drivers if they are caught lying.

Data from the Department of Transportation also revealed that drivers over the age of 70 are more likely to be involved in mis-driving crashes.

The data also revealed that a total of 6,312 people over the age of 70 were killed or seriously injured in road crashes in 2019.

This compares to the 5,604 young drivers aged 17 to 24 who were killed or seriously injured.

Mr Cox said unsafe drivers should face reservations, but reiterated it shouldn’t be based on age alone.

He said Express.co.uk: “It is fitting that, as poor health inevitably accompanies aging, drivers should indeed be challenged on their driving abilities as they lose some vital sensory and motor skills.

“I repeat, motorists of all ages should be asked regularly about their competence to drive safely on our congested roads.

“Dangerous drivers undoubtedly face driving curfews, trackers and distance limits, inexperienced, skilled, safe and capable drivers over the age of 70 arbitrarily. “

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