Driving license tests resume in Delhi


The Delhi Department of Transportation has allowed driving license testing to resume after a lockdown-induced break of nearly two months.

In an order issued on Monday, the ministry said the number of slots available will be 50% of the usual for now.

The decision was made to avoid overcrowding at testing centers, an official said. It has also been decided that of the available slots, half will be reserved for those whose appointments have been made during the lockdown period.

“The applicant can take a permanent driving license proficiency examination at any automated driving test center, regardless of the authority from which the learner’s license was issued”, indicates the prescription.

To this end, a candidate will be informed of the availability of slots in all centers.

“A standard operating procedure for the proper conduct of the driving license proficiency examination will be published so that all licensing authorities and personnel deployed for this purpose follow the SOP in the letter and in the spirit, “adds the ordinance.

The Directorate of Transport is also working on a project to allow applicants for a learner’s permit to take the required test online, without having to go to regional transport offices.

Upon successful completion of the test, the applicant will be issued an electronic license which will be valid for six months.

Currently, although one can apply for a learner’s license online, he / she must visit the RTO offices to take the test.

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