Driver’s license will be suspended if bus lane discipline is violated three times, Auto News, ET Auto


New Delhi: The licenses of drivers who violate bus lane discipline three times will be suspended and they will have to undergo a month-long training to have it restored, according to an official order. The Delhi government’s transport department had launched a discipline campaign on bus lanes from April 1.

The order stated that the DTO (headquarters) will be the competent authority to disqualify or revoke the licenses of errant drivers after the offense is reported by law enforcement agencies following three consecutive violations bus lane discipline.

“In exercising the powers conferred under Rule 3 of the Delhi Motor Vehicle Rules 1993, the Commissioner’s Department of Transport, Delhi GNCT, as the competent authority, is pleased to appoint by the introduces the DTO (HQ.) as the licensing authority to exercise the powers under Section 19 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, to disqualify or revoke driving license issued by licensing bodies enforcement under Subsection 4 of Section 206, for violation of bus lane discipline by the same driver three times in a row,” the order read.

“Furthermore, in the event of a driver’s license suspension, the licensing authority shall not revoke the driver’s license suspension until a one-month refresher course has been completed by said driver at the DTC Training School, Nand Nagri, in accordance with the provisions of Subsection – Section 2A of Section 19 of the MV Act 1988,” he added.

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