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SMT Sixth Anniversary Celebration

For 6 years, Slovak developer Tibor Kaputa has been the driving force behind Simple Mobile Tools, a suite of 22 core, mostly free, open-source Android apps that present themselves as unobtrusive yet customizable. There are no ads, and if you’re against data collectors, these apps are a great alternative to what Google or your OEM provides. Kaputa has plans for a more ambitious open-source hardware project, but in the meantime, it’s celebrating the anniversary of SMT’s launch today with its traditional annual sale on its Pro apps.

To streamline ongoing development, SMT offers paid versions for six of its free apps. The difference between them is that the free versions are not updated often and lack many new features as seen on the paid versions such as SVG support on Simple Draw Pro and batch file renaming on Simple File Manager Pro. Kaputa works on SMT full-time with an assistant developer and a community of translators and other helpers, so income is crucial.


They’re cheap most days — they’re all under $1.50 — but every June 5, the Pro apps go free to download. So if you are interested, enjoy them while you can and download them via the links below.

If you’re feeling a little guilty about your download frenzy, there’s the Simple Thank You app that remains at its $1.29 price today. This app allows universal one-touch color theme for all SMT apps on your phone. You can also make a one-time or recurring donation directly to Simple Mobile Tools.

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