Do you want a driver’s license? Here’s how you can get your DL without visiting RTOs


New Delhi | Jagran Auto Desk: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) recently issued new guidelines for the issuance and renewal of driving licenses across the country. The new rules issued by the ministry eliminate the need for the applicant to physically go to the regional transport office (RTO) and appear before the licensing authority.

Under the new rules, the entire process of obtaining a learner’s license – from application to printing – will be done online. The new rules also deducted one year from the duration of a driver’s license. Electronic certificates and documents can be used for medical certificates, learner’s license, driver’s license surrender and driver’s license renewal.

Under the new rules, renewal of the registration certificate can now be done 60 days in advance, while the deadline for temporary registration has also been increased from 1 month to 6 months. At the same time, the government has now made changes to the learner’s license procedure, whereby the driving test will now be done online via a tutorial.

“Within seven days of submitting an application, each learner’s license applicant must complete a safe driving tutorial electronically through a portal, accessible by the applicant himself or with the help of a facilitation center, ”says the MoRTH notification.

The driving tutorial will contain information on road signs, signals, rules of the road and regulations. It also includes the duties of the driver when his vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in death or bodily injury to a person or damage to the property of a third party.

The tutorial will also discuss the precautions to be taken when going through an unmanned level crossing. It will also mention the documents that the driver must have with him when driving a motor vehicle. Candidates applying for a license must correctly answer at least 60 percent of the test questions. This percentage of success has not been changed from the current criteria.

Currently, at least nine questions out of a set of 15 questions must be correctly answered. These 15 questions are part of a questionnaire made up of 150 questions. The applicant must then apply for a driver’s license within 30 days and within six months from the date of issue of the learner’s license.

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