Can you get a discount on driving school insurance?


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), different states have different driving school requirements for new drivers. While some require driving training and a strict schedule, others leave it up to teens to determine their training preferences.

However, driving school insurance discounts aren’t just available to new drivers. You’ll notice the majority of adult driving school options labeled as “defensive driving” courses. These courses teach a series of skills and tactics for handling difficult situations on the road, as well as educating drivers on state traffic laws.

Defensive driving courses are typically four to eight hours long and can cover accident avoidance techniques, handling difficult conditions like traffic or bad weather, right of way laws, maintaining a distance of safety in relation to other drivers and the management of psychological factors that come into play on the road.

Many organizations, such as AAA, also offer safe driving courses for seniors. These can help lower your auto insurance rate if age impacts your premium. Similar to defensive driving courses, these courses cover how to deal with stressors on the road. They can also cover driving while taking certain medications, managing physical and visibility changes and generally extending your time as a driver.

Most insurance companies offer a discount on driving school insurance that varies between 5 and 10% of your premium. These discounts can be especially useful for teenage and senior drivers who can expect higher premiums.

Final driver education discounts often depend on your state laws. For example, New Jersey drivers who choose Geico can receive a five percent discount on driving school insurance if they take a course at an approved school. State Farm is another company that publicly advertises a discount on defensive driving lessons, although the number also depends on your state limits.

Even if your provider doesn’t list driving school insurance discounts on their website, it’s worth asking your agent about your options.

The standard defensive driving course ranges between $15 and $100, which many say is well worth the price in the long run. Seniors can take an AARP safe driving course for $25 to $30, depending on membership status.

Driver education courses for teenagers are another story. Since these driving courses include a long class element and one-on-one mentorship required, costs can range from $200 to $800.

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