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Atlas-IAC, the leading developer of sports betting and PAM software, will debut at SBC Summit Barcelona, ​​Europe’s premier sports betting and igaming summit, next week at the famous Fira de Barcelona fairgrounds. Montjuïc in the Catalan capital (September 20-22), where Atlas delegates will be on hand to unveil its latest plans and suite of innovative products to Grandstand E1.

Atlas-IAC will take this timely opportunity to showcase its various state-of-the-art automated trading tools and fully automated CRM solution, which enable the complete management of marketing and client communication activities in one place. Customers can be grouped into profiled segments based on site activity, wagering behavior, regularity of deposits and a host of additional personal characteristics.

Contact us to book a meeting to discuss the full platform; consider its “risk-free” sports betting option; Evaluate its integrated CRM and sales tools, designed by some of the best sales minds in the industry. Or just stop Grandstand E1, where a host of team delegates will be waiting to greet you or host an easy-to-follow demonstration.

Atlas-IAC’s next-generation sportsbook can also be embedded as an iFrame on a risk-free structure, operating on unique pricing models – allowing users to enjoy sophisticated and responsive in-game odds all the way to the last second of a game, with competitive prices. prices on all sports. This service comes just in time for this fall’s relentless sporting schedule, including the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Atlas-IAC’s modern technology helps overcome local regulatory challenges with a lightweight physical deployment supported by centralized control systems. The company has always placed great importance on social responsibility and its solution offers complete workflow management in AML and customer interactions, as well as flexible tools for self-exclusion, deadlines expectation and self-imposed limits.

Among Atlas’ various bespoke solutions for European operators are localized sports betting products, combined with data feed solutions and a full suite of casino and skill games.

Richard Thorp, strategic advisor to Atlas-IAC and RPM Gaming Director, said: “After a breathtaking sporting summer, SBC Summit Barcelona brings together many industry heavyweights for a timely think tank. At Atlas and RPM, we seek to determine how the industry can best offer operators and engaging and innovative bets across some flagship and revenue-generating events this fall – dominated, as always, by the FIFA World Cup (invariably a watershed moment for revenue and new account growth), but not forgetting many others sports, of course, like T20 World Cup cricket and the recently renewed NFL campaign in the United States.

“Through our progressive partnership with Atlas-IAC, we now provide unparalleled custom platform solutions, state-of-the-art automation and world-class support. To learn more about Atlas-IAC’s automated technology and the benefits of our platform, simply write to us or drop by. Grandstand E1 where my team and I look forward to welcoming you.

“Additionally, if an operator or casino is looking to mitigate the potential risk of onboarding a new sports betting, our sports betting solution can now uniquely guarantee all business inconveniences associated with performing their services in as a statement of intent and the ability of its underlying platform to deliver in any global market.

“The idea behind it is aimed primarily at operators of casinos or other unique product operators, especially those who are not used to a sports betting solution itself. For example, those who would not like not have a trading team; they might ostensibly shy away from the typical risks of running a sportsbook. Sports betting was once considered by some to be a high-risk offering or an unstable area in which to operate. But our simple concept is that if you’re a casino operator, we’ll embed it as an iframe in your platform – and we’ll assume all the risk. You literally don’t have to burn fuel to run it, or worry about it. We we’ll take care of everything, and if there’s a downside, as I said, we’ll underwrite it.

Sergei Efimenko, CEO of Atlas-IAC, added: “The SBC Summit Barcelona is a must-attend event, and there is real momentum behind this year’s renewal at the revered Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, especially when all the challenges of the pandemic have created such pent-up demand to reconnect with the real world. It’s fantastic to get together. I’m really impressed with the quality, quantity and diversity of the delegates on site, so we look forward to reuniting with our old and new friends.

“When it comes to our leading sports betting platform, we are extremely confident in automation. Additionally, we know how to manage diverse customer bases, based on their history and behaviors. previous concerns about running a bookmaker (eg betting just before an event starts, betting at a time when there is potentially an unreliable stream), we have the tools to spot and fix it Therefore, for us, subscription was not a big challenge, and we are ready to offer this on a competitive revenue share model for new partners.

“The Atlas-IAC team will be on Grandstand E1 during the week. Please contact our friendly staff to arrange a demonstration of the most modern and comprehensive platform in the betting and gaming industry. Our vemos in Barcelona!

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