After education ban, Taliban no longer issues driving licenses to Afghan women: reports



In another draconian move aimed at suppressing women’s rights, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has now stopped issuing driver’s licenses to women in Kabul and other provinces. After closing schools for women, the regime has now banned Afghan women from driving. The driving license ban comes as the country suffers from a devastating humanitarian crisis, coupled with a severe shortage of food and other essential supplies.

It is pertinent to mention that before the Taliban took over, women in Afghanistan drove their own vehicles in some of the major cities of the country, including Kabul. However, the Taliban have now stopped handing out driver’s licenses to women, according to local media. Women in the country had already risen up against the extremist regime for being “anti-women” and depriving them of their rights, including education and work.

Notably, the human rights situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since the collapse of the Afghan administration last year. Since the Taliban took power in August, the country has faced serious human rights violations, mainly against women. Earlier in March, the Taliban announced it was closing schools for girls beyond sixth grade.

Before the decision, the Taliban had announced that education in Afghanistan would be accessible to all. However, two days after the announcement, the Afghan government reversed its decision and ordered schools not to admit girls beyond sixth grade. Several reports have also claimed that the Taliban regime is also denying jobs to women in the country.

“False promises” for women

It is worth mentioning that after taking control of the country in a ruthless manner, the Taliban made big claims suggesting that they have completely changed from the previous regime. The extremist group has promised to enable education and jobs for women. However, instead of keeping their promises, the Taliban banned women from accessing educational institutions and working.

Since the horrific power grab in August last year, women across the country have taken to the streets to oppose the closure of schools and colleges. Recently, the Taliban’s education wing claimed the group was close to a solution to reopen school for girls. Despite all this, the Taliban regime has taken no concrete steps to restore basic rights.

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