A 92-year-old student enters a driving school


Terry Collier originally died his driving test in 1947 and drove for the next 72 years without an accident, but he stopped driving two years ago due to health problems. His daughter, Julia, noticed how much her father missed driving and decided to enroll him in a driving course.

She did her due diligence and found a driving school that generally catered to aspiring drivers between the ages of 10 and 17. It has no maximum age limit for students and is open to anyone wishing to drive in a safe environment with a qualified driving instructor.

As a Father’s Day present, Terry got back behind the wheel and the resident of Devizes, UK, drove a Bentley Flying Spur to the Young Driver driving school.

Terry Collier, 92, prepares for a special driving lesson

“It was fantastic to be behind the wheel again, I really missed it. It all came right back to me. I had never driven a Bentley before so it was a great experience. I learned in a Morris Minor and I’ve driven many different makes and models since I passed my exam at 18, including caravans and motorhomes, it was great to see a lot of young people learning to drive too. My advice to anyone new to driving would be to always take your safety and the safety of others seriously, be careful and considerate on the road, it’s not worth the risk.

Terry Collier is a former residential social worker and is a grandfather of six and great-grandfather of seven.

“Although our students are generally under 17, we have a lot of people who cannot drive on the roads for one reason or another,” said Sue Waterfield, marketing manager for Young Driver. “They may be nervous or have a disability which means they don’t know if they will be able to pass their test. We even had blind students. Because we operate on private land and with highly trained instructors in dual-drive cars, it’s a perfectly safe place to try. Our students are generally not as experienced as Terry with 72 years of safe driving under his belt! »

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