First of all, it should be remembered that restructuring is an operation that consists in debasing a household when the debt ratio is too high and the rest to live does not make it possible to settle all the expenses. In addition to buying current credits (real estate, conso, reserve money …), it is possible to include all his personal debts or even outstanding bills.

Restructure debts alone

debts alone

If your need only relates to receivables, you do not need to resort to a credit redemption. It will be enough simply to subscribe an unassigned personal loan . This type of consumer credit allows you to use the amount without having to provide proof . You can pay off your debts, pay unpaid bills and fill in any overdraft.

We advise you to provide an additional margin to supply the bank account and thus benefit from cash in advance.

Repurchase multiple credits in addition to unpaid claims

credits debt

It is in this case that we talk about restructuring or redemption. The operation consists in grouping in one credit all household debts, in the broad sense of the term ie:

  • Personal loans affected or not
  • Money reserves
  • Real estate loans
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Unpaid invoices
  • All debts (to the administration, family …)
  • Cash requirements

The first step in your process is to establish a clear picture of your needs. Gather all the pieces that will be needed to study your file: loan contracts, amortization tables, outstanding invoices, bank statements, etc.

Then figure out the cash flow you need to get off to a good start. In general it is estimated that it is necessary to have one month ahead of your current account to ensure proper management of your budget.

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How to find a broker to renegotiate all outstanding loans?


The choice of the mortgage broker depends on where you live and how much time you have. If you live in a big city, you may find a restructuring professional who is well established. If not, you can apply online.

Attention to the professional qualification of the intermediary. He must respect the regulations in force as well as the Monetary and Financial Code . It must be registered with ORIAS and take out civil liability insurance . On the other hand, it is necessary that the firm to which you address has a network of partner banks expanded. Indeed, specialized organizations dealing with debt restructuring are not very numerous.

If you are an owner, also read this.

You can establish a simulation with our specialized partner. Its national importance makes it possible to deal with many partner banks. The study is completely free and allows you to compare different offers in a few clicks. Have the necessary information before you start:

  • Remaining capital of outstanding loans, remaining term and monthly payments
  • Total amount of non-credit debts (overdrafts, unpaid invoices …)
  • Salary Bulletins and Latest Tax Notice .


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