Payroll Loan for Losae and BCP ? What a great novelty! A good part of our netizens looking for payroll deductible credit for Institute of Social Security retirees, live asking by email or in the comments – Carla people who receive the benefit Losae can do payroll loan? And the answer is always the same. Not for now. But it seems that my response should change in a short time.

Who receives Social Support can not pay payroll ? But why not? What is the reason for this type of retirement benefit not entitled to borrow money with the direct discount in the benefit of the Institute of Social Security? Why can beneficiaries Losae not make use of the same right of the retired by time of service or pensioners of the Institute of Social Security? Of course you have answers to all these questions, but is it fair?

To try to solve this inequality, Senator Paulo Paim is presenting Bill No. 27/06 that proposes exactly that this differentiation does not exist anymore. The proposal suggests that all beneficiaries of continuing benefit – BPC (elderly and the needy) get more autonomy over their payrolls. The idea is to authorize lending and payroll deductible loans, financing and leasing operations.

The payroll credit all Brazilians already know that it is the loan in which the debts of the installments are made monthly in the benefit of the Institute of Social Security, payroll or in the salary. In the consigned the risk of credit or default on the part of the borrower is almost zero. So why not authorize the credit “consigned to benefit Losae”. Opening this line of credit for beneficiaries of Social Protection is a safe, low cost operation for the bank and excellent for the thousands of people who receive Losae.

Bill No. 27/06

Bill No. 27/06

Bill 27/06 will still be approved and, if approved, the beneficiary Losae may commit up to 30% of the monthly income, that is, it will have a limit on the payroll deduction to make the payroll deductible loan.

It is worth mentioning that beneficiaries who receive Losae are considered to be poor under the law, in general the benefits granted by the Institute of Social Security are about 25% of a current minimum wage. But Carla, what’s a benefit, Losae? It is a welfare benefit aimed at serving the low income population.

Who is entitled to BPC-Losae? Elderly Persons 65 years of age or older who do not receive any social security benefit and Persons with Disabilities – DW with disability that disables him for independent living and work activities.

We can not fail to mention that most Institute of Social Security retirees and pensioners receive benefits of about a monthly minimum wage. Currently with the ease of payroll, a good part of these beneficiaries are with their benefits committed to loans.

Losae Benefit Approval

Losae Benefit Approval

The approval of the Project that authorizes the Losae payroll loan to become a law, will require the analysis of the Chamber of Deputies and later by our President Dilma Rousseff. I am sure that the thousands of people who receive Social Protection are anxious to know how this attempt to change will end. If you are interested in this subject, follow the evolution of Paulo Paim’s proposal for his blog on the Senate website.

I do not even need to say that banking and financial institutions are fully favorable with the possibility of approval of this Law, granting the payroll deductible loan to benefit Losae will give a UP in the consigned market, Certainly will be welcome.

Make your comment on this subject, if you are involved with consigned credit it will be great to have your opinion.

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